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Need your own policies without needing to pay for your own lawyer?

Legal 123 is fantastic for Australians and provides both website policies and legal advice. It’s a once-off purchase and you receive notifications for any changes to policies that you can manually update on your site.

Termageddon for website policies that embed on your site and automatically update with any changes. This one is subscription-based and best if you’re based in Canada, Republic of Ireland, United States or United Kingdom (but can kind-of be adapted for Australians). Australia-specific policies are also coming soon.

I do genuinely recommend both these services, but heads-up the links are affiliate so I may receive a small bonus if you purchase through them. The Termageddon link also gives you 10% off your first year, or you can also use the code ESSAREM to nab the discount.

Want to see more reviews? Find them on my Facebook or Google My Business pages.

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