Essarem Digital is Simone Rosine Macrae

Web Developer, Editor, Project Manager

It sometimes feels like I took the long way around to web development – first studying editing, then game design, then working as a project manager in publishing before finally coming to websites.

But looking back at the days spent on the computer in high school, spending far too much time experimenting with sites in the days of Geocities and webrings, and suddenly … it all makes sense.

The time in-between then and now hasn’t gone to waste either. Project management, wordherdery and game design are all, unsurprisingly, pretty useful when working on digital and interactive experiences.



I’ll be Honest and upfront about what I can and can’t do, and what will – or won’t – actually benefit your project or website.

My Integrity means I’ll take ownership and be proactive about doing great work and getting results.

We’re all people of different experiences. I will Respect your time, resources and knowledge, and ask the same in return.

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